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“The Success Project – HK”

*apologies, video in Chin-glish! and kudos to Asha Cuthbert for putting together this clip of pure awesomeness and inspiration!

Recently, a famous film director in HK made a bold statement saying that YouTubers will “never succeed in life because they cannot generate enough income to buy a flat or a car.” He may be right about that, but he was wrong to equate “success” to money. Here, a bunch of HK youngsters share their views of what success means to them.

I only spent about 12-13 years growing up in HK – a part of me will always yearn for living in a big city, for amazing cuisines, night life, a beautiful skyline, the liveliness of a bustling city. However, I appreciate spending my teenage years in Canada for the simple example of how “success” is defined – it is perceived in so many ways here. People are encouraged (for the most part) to follow their dreams, to explore and pursue their passion, to live life, to be happy. Sure, success can include engaging in meaningful work or making a lot of money; but we emphasis that success is not only about money.

I will always love HK. My heart is in Canada. My soul is yearning for adventures. No matter where I am, a tiny piece of my heart will always belong to HK. I commend these young people for thinking and seeking for success out of the box, despite the pushiness of the education system and the culturally-restricted society. I wish them luck and happiness in pursuing their definition of “success.”