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Taking the plunge


I did it! I registered for four prerequisite courses to prep for getting into Nursing school!

It feels right. It feels far better than when I thought I wanted to do event planning. I want to put my compassion and empathy to use – neither construction nor event planning gives me that satisfaction. (granted, I never fully gave event planning a try)

The earliest intake for Nursing would be in January of 2017; and that is assuming I pass the prereq. courses in flying colors. I freaking better.

I realize I have pursued or thought I was interested in several things since I quit my last job. And I may appear to be a bit all over the place, but nursing is the one thing I kept returning to. Somehow, it feels really good and exciting and scary, but a good-kinda-scary.

I am excited!!

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2 thoughts on “Taking the plunge

  1. Glad you’ve set out on something that excites and motivates you. =) Yay!

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