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“Lifestyle Bloggers” – Whaaaaaaa??

So, someone please explain to me what is up with these Lifestyle Bloggers? My understanding of them, or what I observe mainly on Instagram, is that you carefully flaunt the nice shits you have (sometimes, sponsored) in a staged, ungenuine manner.

To each their own. I have no qualms with people blogging about their shit or their followers. Just that, it appears most of the time, the shits are expensive AF that no normal working person with even an above average wage can afford…

As a reference, “lifestyle” as defined by:

  • the Oxford Dictionaries: the way in which a person lives
  • the habits, attitudes, tastes, moral standards, economic level, etc., that together constitute the mode of living of an individual or group

I guess my complaint boils down to this: I’d like to see some realistic lifestyle bloggers? Do they exist? Like, go buy this $12 tee from whatever store, instead of some $400 tank top? Surely, there are not so well off people out there other than me self??

Random rant. That is all.



Taking the plunge

I did it! I registered for four prerequisite courses to prep for getting into Nursing school!

It feels right. It feels far better than when I thought I wanted to do event planning. I want to put my compassion and empathy to use – neither construction nor event planning gives me that satisfaction. (granted, I never fully gave event planning a try)

The earliest intake for Nursing would be in January of 2017; and that is assuming I pass the prereq. courses in flying colors. I freaking better.

I realize I have pursued or thought I was interested in several things since I quit my last job. And I may appear to be a bit all over the place, but nursing is the one thing I kept returning to. Somehow, it feels really good and exciting and scary, but a good-kinda-scary.

I am excited!!