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Can equality exist?


Most of you have likely seen this French short film through some form of social media: it flips women’s and men’s roles and let men get a feel of what it’s like to be women. If you haven’t already seen it, I invite you to check it out. It’s worth the 10 minutes.

Some of the events which struck me as really ridiculous – ie. effective for men to witness in this light, were the day home care-giver (dude) sporting the headdress, and the sexual assault victim and his experience at the police station. I was sexually assaulted by my freaking ancient 65+ year old neighbour a few years ago.  It was the most awkward and uncomfortable thing when the policeman showed up to my apartment to ask me questions.

I feel like being a woman is an everyday battle. We don’t have to bring up “rape culture” to stir up a discussion. Let’s talk about income disparity. Are men proven to be smarter, more hard working, more career-focused? Is it because they are not the ones having to give birth, therefore usually not the ones taking a year off to care for new borns? Are women paying for the biological make-up and functionality of our bodies? The top-earning (CEOs) men in Canada bring home an average of $2 mil, while the top-earning women in Canada bring home an average of $500k. 

What about toys for children? Have you walked into Toys”R”Us? Why is it that the girls aisles are pink, and the boys aisles are full of colors? Are we conditioning and perpetuating the next generation to repeat what we are going through? Did you know the first talking Barbie said “Math is hard!”?? Is it interesting (or disgusting?) that girls have a greater selection of toys that don’t require any skills of putting any parts together, maybe besides stickers? While boys get to exercise their brains by putting together Lego, robots, and cars? Is that why in college/university, the number of young women makes up less than 15-20% of most engineering classes? I graduated 10 years ago. I just attended an industry and students mixer last night, and I don’t quite see a break in this trend.

Why is it that generation after generation, women feel the need to show off their bodies, get photographed half or completely naked for magazines? And then we demand to be respected?! Well, no wonder men think of us as sex objects.

It is very tiring to fight an uphill battle every day. What can I do? How can I help to bring about some positive change for women? Should I simply accept that women are the sensitive, nurturing ones, the care givers of homes, who will always make less money than our male counterparts? Should I accept that equality is not meant to exist..??


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4 thoughts on “Can equality exist?

  1. Of course.. then this kinda BS was in the news today:
    A presumably male passenger left a note on a napkin for the female pilot, “a cockpit is no place for a woman.” I cannot believe this kind of backwards thinking exists in Canada…

  2. I found your blog through a comment you left on the bippity boppity beautiful blog and I wanted to read your rant since I just posted a rant of my own here:

    It’s definitely discouraging, but we absolutely cannot accept it. I believe the purpose of life is struggle and this world certainly gives us many opportunities to fight for something better. I think one thing we can do is constantly support each other across all different swathes of society and across borders.

    Finally, speaking of girl toys and engineering, have you seen this toy? Tries to teach young girls problem-solving and engineering skills. Looks like a good step in the right direction.

  3. Thank you, Hana! Thank you for your optimism! I was simply having one of those days that I felt the world was going to shits. Deep down, I know that we must not give up, must not accept these sad facts. I only hope to make a difference somehow. It is great to know there are great initiatives like Goldie Blox. It’s very encouraging. Thanks for checkin’ out my rant. 🙂

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