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If there is one thing I could go back in time and change…

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A fellow blogger had posted this question, I’ve decided to answer with my own post. I briefly browsed through the hundreds of replies, some said that their ‘regret’ is not something they can mention ‘here,’ others listing a long list of “I wish I had,” many responded philosophically, saying that everything in the universe happens for a reason and are very happy with who they are etc, still, some answered with true regret sharing their heart-felt personal stories.
For me, it is simply a fun little exercise. Because…
1. I firmly believe that regrets don’t do any good.
2. Time machines do not exist (to the best of my knowledge), so this is a purely hypothetical question.
In any case, if I were to change one thing, I would choose not to have aborted. Because my older one would be 14 this year. My life would have turned out so differently. I didn’t have the courage to take on the responsibility then. Or to face the judging eyes and the ridicule. Or the possibility of not finishing my undergrad.
Once in awhile, I wonder how life would have turned out.


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Lover of: the ocean. sunshine. beach. my hubster. my friends. loving my hubster and my friends. traveling. summer days. summer nights. sunsets. shorts. summer dresses. flip flops. my Berkenstocks. skiing! (new love. but i definitely appreciate the beach more) drawing. music. movies. documentaries. photos. adventures. buildings. architecture. books. big cities. being Canadian. my (Nexus) phone and tablet. (last but not least) sashimi. Not a huge fan of: tiger parents. judgmental people. being Chinese. lack of justice. the oilsands. Stephen Harper. communism. capital punishment. hypocrisy.

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