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My own kids to love

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Hugs. Kisses. Cuddles. Skipping down the side walk hand in hand. An embrace of encouragement or consolation, or one of pure affection. Growing up, I didn’t get any of these from my mother. Or my father.
For as long as I can remember, I have wanted my own kids. So I can shower them with this kind of earth-shattering, ever-assuring motherly love. In what I did not experience as a daughter, I want my children to be basked in a glorious, constant love. I hope they will not have a doubt in their minds that no matter what happens, I will be their rock, their mom, their cheerleader, their shelter. Someone they can come home to in joy or sadness, in success or failure.


Author: lululucysrant

Lover of: the ocean. sunshine. beach. my hubster. my friends. loving my hubster and my friends. traveling. summer days. summer nights. sunsets. shorts. summer dresses. flip flops. my Berkenstocks. skiing! (new love. but i definitely appreciate the beach more) drawing. music. movies. documentaries. photos. adventures. buildings. architecture. books. big cities. being Canadian. my (Nexus) phone and tablet. (last but not least) sashimi. Not a huge fan of: tiger parents. judgmental people. being Chinese. lack of justice. the oilsands. Stephen Harper. communism. capital punishment. hypocrisy.

One thought on “My own kids to love

  1. Lovely message….that’s what I want for my munchkin..

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